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I'm Mossman and we have roof cleaning services to offer you!

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Hello PNW!

You might have seen some of my videos on YouTube, if not then please go check them out here:

If you don't yet know who I am, I'm a muscular organism and musical instrument according to Google. The only thing musical about me is my voice. This aside, consider who I represent!

Clean Pro Moss in Tacoma. We are an eco-friendly roof cleaning company who's services include many useful things. You could also say I look like a spore or big piece of moss.

Got roof moss, pine needle or debris buildup, perhaps clogged gutters and downspouts, dirty exterior windows and solar panels? We can clean it all! Like me, we're a green company.

Sure everything comes from the earth, but perhaps it is manipulated in some way to harm the environment. Some roof cleaning companies will use bleach or even dilute the stuff, but bleach is still bleach. It also releases toxic fumes into the environment which can do some pretty detrimental things. The CDC considers Chlorine a "Lung Damaging Agent." Here's a link to their article:

In addition to not using bleach, we don't scrub, brush, scrape, or use high pressure on your shingles. These other methods to deep clean a roof can and will loosen the granules on asphalt and composite shingles which prevent the underlaying layers of the shingle from being exposed to the elements. More specifically, the granules actually offer UV protection, physical stability from natural impacts (rain, hail, snow, branches, and other debris,) and a fire resistance. While it's normal to lose granules over time (you'll find them build up in your gutters,) improperly cleaning your roof by methods such as high and direct water pressure can motivate granule loss. Don't worry, we utilize 800 PSI and by the time it gets to the roof it's much less.

Maybe you don't need a deep cleaning and have light specs of moss. Our moss prevention powder (moss treatment) will treat what is on the roof and a few weeks to months of rainfall will wash it away. This is an alternative to our "Roof Moss Removal" service and costs roughly a third of the price. (Call or request an estimate for pricing.) Some vendors might apply the same or similar powders, rinse it down the roof, then proceed to scrub, brush, or scrape it off. As mentioned before, this is detrimental to the life of your shingles! Apply it then wait for it to come down with rain. If it doesn't work within 6 months, we'll reapply it at no charge. If still you are not seeing results, we'll credit the price towards a full Roof Moss Removal service.

Enough about roof cleaning, let's move on to your gutters and downspouts.

A gutter and downspout system is designed to collect and direct water away from a property's foundation. Concrete foundations are porous like a sponge. Improper water drainage can result in water buildup which can travel down to and exert pressure on the foundation, leading to cracks and leaks. When water freezes it expands by approximately 9% which can lead to additional damages to your foundation and even clogged gutters!

We hope you don't have buildup in your gutters and downspouts by the time winter comes around. Why? Water will enter the system and potentially freeze, stay frozen for days, and add stress to the fascia, weighing your roof down even more. The gutter system could even get weighed down so much to the point of falling off! So two words, "Preventative Maintenance." Keeping your gutters and downspouts cleared of debris is just another way to protect your investment/s. Schedule a gutter cleaning today.

These are the main services we have to offer you, but head over to our services page or call us to see how else we can serve you.

Call 253-426-0199 or visit us @ to request a free estimate today!

5107 N Highland St, Ruston, WA, 98407

I want you to protect your investments. Thanks for your time, and remember this phrase "We eat moss for lunch."

Best Regards, Mossman

Mossman grilling mossburgers

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