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Water Cavitation and Roof Cleaning

A mobile low water pressure system designed to provide a safe roof cleaning solution

Some properties here in the PNW are not on city water. City water provides an output pressure from spigots over 4 gallons per minute (GPM.) Our pumps require adequate pressure to perform a safe and quality roof cleaning, and need an extra buffer of water to help if this rate is not met in rural areas. We rigged together a system to be able to provide enough water to the water pump due to the fact some spigots on well water are below this 4 GPM rate!

Check out this article on cavitation:

We learned the hard way about well water versus city water. Low water pressure running into a pump rated at a fixed gallon per minute (GPM) rate caused our pump to basically "dry out." We cavitated a pump a few times due to the issue of not having enough water pressure from the well at the job site.

Why do water cavitation and roof cleaning not go well together? Simply put, we can no longer perform the job if water pressure is not high enough. We want to get the customer's job completed so they're happy with having a clean roof! With this new fix, we're able to help more customers at a further distance from city water and still provide the same quality roof cleaning service where moss might be even thicker, needing lots of moss removal elbow grease.

Do you need moss removal or gutter cleaning services on your roof? We don't use bleach, nor do we scrub, brush, scrape, or use high pressure as these methods can do more harm to your shingles!

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I want you to protect your investments. Thanks for your time, and remember this phrase "We eat moss for lunch."

Best Regards, Mossman

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