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Instant Roof Moss Removal

  • Instantly and safely removes dirt, moss, lichen, and algae stains from rooftop surfaces, restoring curb appeal


  • Remove fallen and loose debris from rooftop using leaf blowers (sticks, pine needles, pine cones, leaves)

  • Equipment is specially calibrated to not harm roofing materials and structures

  • We do not use bleach

  • No scrubbing, brushing, scraping, or high pressure is used as these methods can damage a roof's integrity

  • Simulates months of rainfall to ensure debris is instantly removed

  • Runoff will not harm vegetation or wildlife

  • Nobody in the area is providing this service

  • Exterior skylights and windows will be rinsed to remove debris buildup

  • Debris will be disposed of offsite at no charge

Moss Prevention Powder

  • Apply moss prevention powder to rooftop in a linear fashion. Will be distributed down slope of rooftop with rainfall

  • Treats and prevents fungal growth from 2 to 5 years depending on light, shade, moisture, etc


  • Remove fallen and loose debris from rooftop using leaf blowers (sticks, pine needles, pine cones, leaves)

  • Apply within a year of the instant moss treatment and removal service for maximum protection

  • Does not remove stains or moss, excess rainfall will wash off moss remnants

  • Does not stain roofs and corrode aluminum or galvanized gutters. Corrosive to copper

  • Runoff will not harm vegetation or wildlife

  • Debris will be disposed of offsite at no charge 

Solar Panel and Array Washing

  • Unger Cleaning® products used on panels (

  • Clean solar panels with deionized water

  • Blow debris build up from underside 

  • Will spray soap underneath to treat moss and thoroughly rinse

  • Cleaning solar panels will maximize efficiency

Gutter and Downspout Clean Out

  • Remove fallen and loose debris from rooftop using leaf blowers (sticks, pine needles, pine cones, leaves)

  • Hand scoop all debris from gutters

  • Snake and disassemble downspouts if needed

  • Thoroughly rinse entire gutter system

  • Inspect guttering for water flow issues, loose hardware, and either fix if able or inform owner of issue/s

  • Debris will be disposed of offsite at no charge

Gutter Highlights®

  • Organic gutter stain removal (black streaks, roof runoff, mildew, algae, and oxidation from painted aluminum surfaces

  • The black streaks (Gloeocapsa Magma) which come down the roof feed on the limestone in shingles and will crawl over the edge of overflowing gutters

  • Harmless teeth whitening for your home

  • Bleach free - nontoxic - biodegradable – nonflammable

  • Gutter and Downspout Clean out is an additional charge

Gutter Guard Installation

  • Install stainless steel micro-mesh gutter guard either provided by vendor or by customer

  • Keep leaves and pine needles out of gutter system

Window Washing

  • Unger Cleaning® products used on windows (

  • Clean window exteriors with low water pressure

  • Windows must be closed tightly before service

  • Loosens built up debris such as bugs and dirt from behind screens

  • Will not enter home to clean from inside

Hydro Jet Underground Downspout/s

  • Ability to clear up to 50 feet of underground downspout/s

  • There is no guarantee of this clearing the line/s if cave-ins and/or large obstructions are present

  • Debris will be disposed of offsite at no charge

Wood Fence Cleaning

  • Sanding may be necessary

  • Low water pressure

  • Apply eco-friendly chemicals to fence

  • Rinse to gently remove mold, mildew, dirt, debris, and greying 

  • Bring wood back to a brighter and natural state

  • Apply and rinse wood brightener to restore the wood's natural color

  • Results are immediate and complete!

Wood Fence Staining

  • Includes "Wood Fence Cleaning" 

  • 2 stage process

  • Apply wood stripper ONLY to remove old stain

  • New stain penetrates and seals out moisture to prevent warping, twisting, and cracking

  • 2-year service contracts available upon request

  • Will tape off painted areas


  • A more than traditional cleaning of sidewalks, driveways, patios, and outdoor steps

  • Not recommended in the winter

Bird Blocking

  • Install stainless steel bird spikes for pigeons and other small birds, or

  • Install hog wire to areas where rodents are entering into spaces as directed by owner

  • Will not cause serious harm to animals

  • Visual and physical deterrents to animals and possibly burglars

Maintenance Plans

  • Do you need services every few months, semi-annually, or yearly?

  • Contact us for a follow up and we will include a discount!

Visit from Mossman

  • Mossman's sole purpose is to entertain. Invite him to your event today!

  • Price varies on potentiality (Dancing on table, posing for pictures, walking through Grand Central station, travel in spaceship, etc.)

  • Willing to travel nationwide for an additional fee* 

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