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Services We Offer:


Gentle Wash (Roof Moss Removal)

  • This service will instantly and safely clear the rooftop of moss, dirt, lichen, algae, bird poo, etc, without damaging the shingles with methods such as scraping, brushing, scrubbing, or high pressure

  • Does not include "Moss Prevention Powder" as we recommend applying this 6 to 12 months post cleaning, or as soon as moss colonies start to appear visible (Upwards of 2 to 5 years

  • Remove fallen and loose debris from rooftop using leaf blowers (sticks, pine needles, pine cones, leaves) and dispose of offsite at no extra charge

  • Equipment is specially calibrated to not harm roofing materials and structures

  • We guaranty nobody in the area to be providing this service

  • All collected debris will be disposed of offsite at no charge​

  • At least two Technicians will be performing this job

  • Runoff will not harm landscaping


Moss Prevention Powder

  • Does not instantly remove moss. Does not remove stains. We do not return later to blow, scrape, or brush it off. The safer option is to have it washed down with rainfall. Scraping and brushing can damage your shingles! Request the Gentle Wash (Roof Moss Removal) service if you want SAME DAY removal results

  • Remove fallen and loose debris from rooftop using leaf blowers (sticks, pine needles, pine cones, leaves) and dispose of offsite at no extra charge

  • Treats and prevents fungal growth from 2 to 5 years depending on light, shade, moisture, etc

  • Apply within a year of the Gentle Wash (Roof Moss Removal) for maximum protection

  • Apply powder in a linear fashion to be distributed down slope of rooftop with rainfall

  • Runoff will not harm vegetation or wildlife

Gutter Cleaning

  • Remove fallen and loose debris from rooftop using leaf blowers (sticks, pine needles, pine cones, leaves) and dispose of offsite at no extra charge

  • Ask about Gutter Highlights® to have the black stains on gutters removed

  • Hand scoop all debris from gutters, snake and disassemble downspouts if needed, then thoroughly rinse entire gutter system

  • Inspect guttering for water flow issues, loose hardware, and either fix if able or inform owner of issue/s

  • (If foam gutter inserts are to be removed and cleaned, we cannot be liable for the potential breakage from weathered or disintegrated inserts. Gently pressure washing existing moss off the inserts can damage them. We suggest they be removed completely and replaced with stainless steel mesh guards, gently pressure washed without being removed to prevent breakage, or left alone.)

Gutter Highlight

  • Gutter and Downspout Clean out is an additional charge

  • Organic gutter stain removal (black streaks, roof runoff, mildew, algae, and oxidation from painted aluminum surfaces

  • Black streaks (Gloeocapsa Magma) which come down the roof feed on the limestone in shingles and will crawl over the edge of overflowing gutters

  • Harmless teeth whitening for your home

  • Bleach free - nontoxic - biodegradable – nonflammable

Wood Fence and Deck Staining

  • Low water pressure

  • Apply eco friendly chemicals

  • Rinse to gently remove mold, mildew, dirt, debris, and greying 

  • Bring wood back to a brighter and natural state

  • Apply and rinse wood brightener to restore the wood's natural color

  • Apply wood stripper ONLY to remove old stain

  • Owner to move encroaching items from work area

  • New tree oil stain penetrates and seals out moisture to prevent warping, twisting, and cracking

  • Will tape off painted areas and cover nearby bushes and greenery

Gutter Guard Installation

  • Install stainless steel micro-mesh gutter guard either provided by vendor or by customer

  • Provided by vendor or customer

  • Keep leaves and pine needles out of gutter system​

  • UL Certified For Rainwater Harvesting

Solar Panel and/or Array Cleaning

  • Unger Cleaning® products used on panels (

  • Clean solar panels with deionized water

  • Blow debris build up from underside 

  • Will spray soap underneath to treat moss and thoroughly rinse

  • Cleaning solar panels will maximize efficiency

Exterior Window Cleaning

  • Will not enter home to clean from inside


  • Unger Cleaning® products used on windows (

  • Pure deionized water negates the need for soap, allowing dirt particles to travel off the surface with the water

  • Windows must be closed tightly before service

Hydro Jet Underground Downspouts

  • Ability to clear up to 45 feet of underground downspout/s

  • There is no guarantee of this clearing the line/s if cave-ins and/or large obstructions are present

  • Will inform owner if unable to thoroughly clear line/s

  • All collected debris will be disposed of offsite at no charge

Concrete Pressure Washing

  • A more than traditional cleaning of sidewalks, driveways, patios, and outdoor steps

  • Power wash cement with Eco-Friendly, no bleach, detergent

  • Not recommended in the winter

Bird Blocking or Netting

  • Install stainless steel bird spikes for pigeons and other small birds, or

  • Install hog wire or netting to areas where rodents are entering into spaces as directed by owner

  • Will not cause serious harm to animals

  • Visual and physical deterrents to animals and possibly burglars

Maintenance Plans

  • Do you need services every few months, semi-annually, or yearly?

Visit from Mossman

  • Mossman's sole purpose is to entertain. Invite him to your event today!

  • Price varies on potentiality (Dancing on table, posing for pictures, walking through Grand Central station, travel in spaceship, etc.)

  • Willing to travel nationwide for an additional fee* 

  • See "Adventures of Mossman"

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